.......... Jenny grew up at Cottesloe beach in Western Australia. She started sculpting sand as a child with her many brothers and sisters. Now she is world famous for her sandcastles.

Anything you can think of, 'jenny the sandcastle girl' can create in sand. Jenny specializes in creating unique, permanent sandsculptures for weddings, and corporate commissions for public and private venues.


Jenny has written a number of published articles, sancastling instruction books, and several books on portraits. She has recently completed a delightful series of children's stories - "jenny the sandcastle girl".
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illustrated her series of children's book and is also an accomplished portrait artist with several books to her credit.

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red Jenny Rossen failed at being a surfer, so she settled for playing in the sand... LIBBY-JANE CHARLESTON reports

As families flood to beaches across Australia this summer, there'll be plenty of mums picking up a bucket and spade and making sandcastles with their children. But for Perth mum Jenny Rossen, building things from sand isn't just a summer holiday activity- it's her career.

Known worldwide as "The Sandcastle Girl", Jenny is Australia's only sand sculptor and travels the world making incredtble displays.

She's sculpted everything from fairytale castles to snowmen out of the yellow stuff.

She started her budding career as a child while playing on Cottesloe Beach with her brothers and sisters.

"I failed at being a surfer, so hanging out on the sand making castles was my thing," she says. ''I'd make a fortress and create towers by dribbling the wet sand. Then I'd imagine that tiny people lived in the tower sand I'd make whole villages. I had no idea that as an adult I'd be traveling the world doing just that."

After graduating from university with an art and design degree, Jenny worked as a conventional artist before realising that working outdoors was what she wanted to do. "I was at the beach one day, messing around, when I fellin love with the idea of sculpting in sand," she explains."I started practicing on the beach twice a weekend reading every book I could on sand sculpting. I then travelled to Spain, America and Italy to work as an assistant for other sand sculptors - soon I was teaching them as much as they were teaching me!"

Now Jenny is internationally recognised for her incredible talent. She's won first prize at the World Sand Sculpting Championship twice and gets paid to build Sleeping Beauty style castles in shoppingmalls. She recently made a castle for a sheikh's wedding in lDubai, where she currently lives with her husband, Hossam,and son,Adam.2.

"These days I pay a team to do the heavy shovelling so I can concentrate on the design and allthe carvings," says Jenny. Her sculptures are of ten up to nine metres high and takeup to 10 days to complete. But she's never sad when her works of art are washed away by the sea, or simply crumble.

"It's likebuying a bunch of flowers-you do it for the beauty of the moment." she explains."No one gets sad when a song finishes- somethings just live in the present time. That's what makes them so magical."

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Jenny Rossen has won 1st Place People's Choice at the 2002 European World Championship Sandsculpting Competition in Cervia, Italy!

Jenny the sandcastle girl is thrilled by
the latest win.


  "Our winning sculpture was a traditional sandcastle inspired by the fabulous style of the Middle East, " said Jenny.

The sculpture featured a castle and a camel being led by a Dubai woman wearing the traditional abaya. The sculpture was called 'Caravan'. The sculpture carries a message of peace from the Middle East.

"We are proud to be the People's Choice", said team members Jenny Rossen and Patrick Franklyn. "People are moved and delighted by the message of the sculpture."
......... Jenny Rossen has just won a world Championship with her Dubai-inspired sand sculpture.

Expatriates come to Dubai for money, for an easier life, maybe even a career. Jenny Rossen has come here for the sand. The very strong sand that can pack up and go hard. The golden sand that can stand up and be shaped into castles and flowers and people and animals......

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